Our Story

coconut-harvestingThe idea for Coconut Grove was inspired by a friend’s curiosity and born from a challenge.

Is it possible to produce a delicious coconut yogurt without dairy milk?

One of our founders, Rodney Grisso, was researching ideas for a new business to involve a longtime colleague  in the Phillipines.

In his research, he came across an intriguing book, titled Philippine Fermented Foods: Principles and Technology, which presented some interesting information about coconut products…

The book asserted that producing a good tasting coconut yogurt was impossible without the addition of dairy milk.

This was a challenge! And that was when our other two  partners – Greg Hartman and Steve Reed  – were drawn into the picture.

The rest is history – and there is more to come!

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Simple, Organic Ingredients

Coconut GroveOur ingredients reflect our philosophy: keep it simple and keep it delicious. We use organic coconuts and as few additional ingredients as possible to create delicious non-dairy coconut yogurt. Our products are certified USDA organic.

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Health Benefits of Coconut

Health Benefits

Heart healthy and nutrient rich, coconuts are the source of many health benefits that strengthen and support your body. Dairy free and soy free, our products are a delicious and healthy alternative to ordinary dairy. Taste the difference!

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