The Look & Taste of Simple Ingredients

plain yogurt

Why does our yogurt look a little different? It’s because of the simple ingredients in our yogurt.

We make our yogurt the way we like to eat it, with simple, health giving ingredients that we can pronounce! Because of this, sometimes our yogurt may not have the same look and consistency you have come to expect with commercial brands of yogurt.

You might have even noticed that there’s a little bit of water in your container of Coconut Grove Yogurt, either surrounding the yogurt or on the inside of the lid.

Because our ingredients are simple and all natural, with no fillers or artificial chemicals or preservatives, you’re seeing the result of a natural separation process when the yogurt cools and sets. It’s called “syneresis”, and because we don’t add extra constituents to remove it, you’ll sometimes find it in your yogurt.

The water is clean, filtered and most likely contains plenty of the health boosting yogurt cultures and probiotics used to set and create our creamy coconut milk yogurt.

So next time you open your yogurt, be assured that you are receiving the cleanest and healthiest of natural, non-dairy yogurt on the market!

The simple difference between coconut milk and coconut water

coconut water

Many people wonder, “So what is the difference between coconut milk and coconut water?”

We’re happy to explain and share some information…

Coconut water is found in the cavity of a coconut.

The cavity of the coconut is filled with coconut water – which is sterile until opened. The coconut water is clear, colorless and contains sugar, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals – and provides an isotonic electrolyte balance making it a nutritious food source.

Coconut water has recently become a popular and refreshing drink in the United States that is also used in isotonic sports drinks.

Coconut milk is extracted from the coconut fruit.

Coconut milk is made from the white pulp of the coconut fruit and is produced by pressing the grated coconut pulp thru a filter to extract the delicious milk which also contains vitamins, minerals and fiber. Coconut milk comes in various grades from quite thick – 20% to 22% fat – to quite thin – 5% to 7% fat. For our Coconut Grove Organic Yogurt, we use organic coconut milk that is between 6% and 10% fat.

More of the health benefits of organic coconut milk can be found on our Health Benefits page.

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Simple, Organic Ingredients

Coconut GroveOur ingredients reflect our philosophy: keep it simple and keep it delicious. We use organic coconuts and as few additional ingredients as possible to create delicious non-dairy coconut yogurt. Our products are certified USDA organic.

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Health Benefits of Coconut

Health Benefits

Heart healthy and nutrient rich, coconuts are the source of many health benefits that strengthen and support your body. Dairy free and soy free, our products are a delicious and healthy alternative to ordinary dairy. Taste the difference!

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